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There's Mushroom In Our Hearts! ( Official Guides, )

Walter’s Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms are scattered all over your farm and he really needs your help. Find all of his Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms and he’ll give you a baby Golden Cascade Duck.
If you are level 15, the “There's Mushroom In Our Hearts!" popup will appear. Click on the “Okay” button so you can start the feature.

There's Mushroom In Our Hearts - FarmVille 2

Build the Mushroom Planter in two easy steps. First step is to collect the building materials.


Second step is to ask your friends to be Builders or you can hire them.


The finished Mushroom Planter will look like this:


The menu will appear once you click on the Mushroom Planter:


There are three ways that you can collect Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms. One is to harvest crops.


Note: Fertilizing your crops gives you a better chance of finding Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms. If you need additional Fertilizers, just click on the “Get More Fertilizer” button.


Another way is to craft Goods. You can either ask or post for the materials you need.


There is also an option to call your Co-op for more help.


The last way to collect Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms is to purchase them.


There is a Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms counter so you can keep track of how many you’ve collected so far.


You start earning rewards when you reach certain milestones:
22 Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms: Swing Seater
44 Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms: Goodie Pack
66 Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms: Resource Pack
88 Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms: Toadstool Table


When you have enough Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms, you can redeem the reward.


Find all of the Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms to get your very own baby Golden Cascade Duck and 10 Favors.


Helping other can be so rewarding, so let’s get on our farms and start searching for those Scotch Bonnet Mushrooms!

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