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The Yakky Races! Official Guides,

Summer break is here and a Yak Derby is the best entertainment for the folks in the county. So, pamper and feed your sprightly Yaks to prepare for the races. Once they're ready, host Yak races to win a baby Red Roan Mini Donkey and a bonus reward.
If you are level 15, "The Yakky Races!" popup will appear. Click on the "Build Starting Gate!" button to start this feature.

The Yakky Races - FarmVille 2

There are two steps to complete to build the Starting Gate. First step is to gather materials.


The second is to invite four Friends to be your Builders or you can hire them.


The Starting Gate is automatically placed outside your farm and will look like this when finished:


There are three steps to complete before you can start the race: you must have enough Yaks in your Farm, feed the adult Yaks, and invite friends.
This prompt will appear if you'll need to add more Yaks for the race:


Note: Having more adult Yaks denotes fewer races to host and the faster way to win the rewards!
Once you have enough Yaks, it’s time to feed them!


When all your Yaks are fed, invite friends to watch the race:


Having completed these steps, you can now click on the "Pick a Winner! button:


Pick your bet from the Yaks in the line-up by clicking on the "Select" button:


Take note that the first four winners will get these mega jackpot winnings:


Start the race by clicking the "Start Race!" button:


You and your friends can now watch your Yaks race. Keep an eye on your bet!


Collect and share your reward when your Yak wins!


There are five races to complete, each with a different set of rewards. Complete all five races and win a baby Red Roan Mini Donkey and a bonus reward.


I bet you’re excited to begin the derby! Go ahead, have fun while winning awesome rewards!

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