17 Temmuz 2016 Pazar

Farmville2: Decorations in new farm "Gourmet Farm"

 Gourmet Farms 
It´s still Farmville 2 you play...you can unlock the HotAir Balloon to explore the new Farm (like you visit CountyFair) there you have new plots and new crops (Grape&Cacoa) you need Mulch (like fertilizer) you harvest your Mulch Pit (like Fertilizer Shed)
Cheesery...Winery and Chocolateria are your new Workstations where you craft Cheese...Wine and Coffee&Chocolate here you need SpeedCraft (like Power) you start at Level 1 on the Gourmet Farm,you levelup with rp and max Level will be 100..12 Land to expand....credits you earn from Gourmets can you use on your main Farm ....Happy Farming

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