17 Temmuz 2016 Pazar

Farmville2: Buildings in new farm "Gourmet Farm"

Farmville 2 is set to release 3 new crafting building that we build in our farm. They are the Winery, Cheesery and Chocolateria. This maybe a permanent feature where you can craft recipes that are exclusive to these crafting buildings. The mechanics of these crafting building will be similar to the timed crafting feature that we normally have where there will be wine barrels, cheese press and containers.

– Blend and ferment grapes to create fine wines at the Winery. Ferment grapes in the Wine Barrels to earn Credits. Gain level to unlock more barrels. Build more Wine Barrels to make more Wines, serve visitors, and earn Credits faster!

– Blend and age ingredients to make fine cheeses. Age ingredients in the Cheese Press to earn Credits. Build more Cheese Presses to make more Cheese, serve visitors, and earn Credits faster.

– Blend ingredients to create fine chocolates at the Chocolateria. Freeze chocolate in the Ice Boxes to earn Credits. Build more Ice Boxes to make more Chocolate, serve visitors, and earn Credits faster.

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