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Farmville 2 Shearing is Caring! Official Guides,

If you are level 15, the "Shearing is Caring!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Sheep Shearing Station!" button to proceed with the feature.

Shearing is Caring - FarmVille 2

Collect building materials to start constructing the Sheep Shearing Station.


Invite friends to complete your building!


Share your progress with your friends by clicking the "Finish and Share!" button. As a special treat for completing your building, enjoy our animated GIFs with your friends!
Collecting the needed amount of Sheep Treats and Friends are what is needed to proceed with the feature. There are a total of 4 events that you need to complete in order to get the Baby Florida Cracker Mini Cow. There’s Face First, Snow Show, On and Off and, Final Finish.
Sheep Treats can be obtained in four ways. Firstly, from completing tasks from the Sheep Shearing Station. Second, you can post it to your wall so that your friends can help. You can also use Farm Bucks to receive Sheep Treats. And lastly, you can receive Sheep Treats from doing the “Ewe and Me” line of quests.
Complete the first set of tasks for “Face First”. Once you have met the needed prerequisites, the grayed out button will turn green and you can click it to proceed to the next set of requirements.


Note: Any excess Sheep Treats will carry over for the next set of requirements.
After completing, you can share your rewards with your friends!


By now, the second tab “Snow Show” will be opened. You would notice that the needed Sheep Treats will have increased. This is true for all and the amount will increase per event. Collect the needed Sheep Treats and friends to advance to the next tab!


By now, the “On and Off” tab will be available for you. Once again, complete the needed requirements to move to the next event.


The “Final Finish” is the last part you need to complete, to receive the Baby Florida Cracker Mini Cow. Accomplish the needed Sheep Treats to receive your reward!



Note: You can re-do the feature to get another set of rewards!

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