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Tightrope Training Stand! ( Official Guides)

What is the single most exciting thing about the Carnival? Tightrope walking! We thought this would be the best time to learn how to walk the tightrope. Master it and get a cute Baby Speckled Mammoth Donkey as a reward.
If you are level 15, the "Practice Makes Perfect" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Tightrope Training Stand!" button to proceed with the feature.

Tightrope Training Stand - FarmVille 2

Collect all the materials needed to build the Tightrope Training Stand.


Invite your friends to be your builder or hire them with Farm bucks.


This is how it would look like once it’s done. Click on the building to access it.


Collect the required number of Training Cards and invite your friends to complete the goal. There are 4 ways to get a Training Card. Firstly, from completing tasks from the Tightrope Training Stand. Secondly, you can post it to your wall so your friends can send you one. You can also use Farm bucks to purchase Training Cards. And lastly, you get it as a reward from the “A Magical Surprise” line of quest.


There are 4 tasks that you need to complete: The Baby Steps, Balance, Flourish, and Mastery. Once you’ve collected the required number of Training Cards, click on the “Take Baby Steps” button to proceed to the next task.
Note: Any excess Training Cards will carry over for the next set of requirements.


Watch some cool animation after completing each tasks.


Collect your rewards and share it your friends!


Once you’re done with the current task, the next task will be unlocked.


Complete all 4 tasks and get this cute Baby Speckled Mammoth Donkey as your final reward!


Note: You can re-do the feature to get another set of rewards!

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