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Out Standing in His Field! ( Official Guides )

Marie needs help in dealing with those pesky birds! Help her by building a Scarecrow Stand on your farm and win a Baby Ancona Chicken!
If you are level 15 or higher, the "Out Standing in His Field!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Building" button to get started.

Out Standing in His Field - FarmVille 2

Collect all the needed building materials.


Ask your friends for help in completing the Scarecrow Stand.


The finished Scarecrow Stand will look like this:


Click on the building to view the menu. From here, you can see a lot of details about the feature such as the different goods you can craft.


To get the Baby Ancona Chicken, you will need to get Patches. There are 4 ways to do so:
Craft Goods


Post for Patches


Purchase them using Farm Bucks


Finish quests from the “Birds Away!” line of quests


To start crafting, click on the goods that you want. When selecting, take note of the number of Patches each ingredient gives out.


After clicking the goods, click the “Make 1” button.


If you're lacking any ingredients, you can get your Co-op members to help. Click the "Call My Co-op" button for them to assist you with the missing ingredients.


To check the number of Patches you’ve collected, simply view the counter from the right-hand corner of the Menu or from Marie at the bottom. You can also view the time you have left before the feature expires.


You will also earn great rewards when you reach certain milestones. A green checkmark will indicate your progress:


There are three tabs at the bottom of the Menu. Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. Each week gives out a different set of rewards:
Week 1: Earn Water and Cherub Fountain
Week 2: Earn Salt and Straw Shade Loveseat
Week 3: Earn Baby Bottles and Yellow Rose Fence
Some of the crafting ingredients will still be locked depending on the week you are in. They will be unlocked as the weeks pass by. Click on the left or right arrowhead to scroll through the other goods.


Collect the needed Patches to get these awesome rewards, including the Baby Ancona Chicken and 10 Favors!


Let’s get to our farms to start building the Scarecrow Stand!

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