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Games People Play! (Official Guides,)

Games People Play!

The Carnival folks just gave Percy a grand idea to make the festivities more exciting. He’s going to set up aCarnival Game Stall for everyone to enjoy fun games. Help him out by collecting Carnival Coupons in your own Carnival Game Stall and be rewarded with an exotic baby Qinghai Yak.
If you are level 15 or higher, the "Games People Play" popup will appear. Click on the "Build Carnival Game Stall!" button to get started:

Games People Play - FarmVille 2

Start building by collecting the materials for the stall.


Next, invite or hire friends to be your builders.


Your finished Carnival Game Stall, which is automatically placed outside your Farm, will look like this:


Click on the building to see the menu and start earning coupons. There are three ways to collect Carnival Coupons. One way is by crafting Goods.


There are three Goods that you can craft. Take note that each type of Good gives out a different number of coupons.


Do not worry about missing an ingredient because help is just a click away when you use the “Call My Co-op” button.


Once you’ve finished crafting, you can share the coupons you’ve collected.


Another way to collect coupons is by inviting friends to play in your stall.


Lastly, you can also collect Carnival Coupons by purchasing them.


There is a counter on the lower left corner of the menu so you can always check how many coupons you’ve already collected.


Unlock rewards by collecting a specific number of coupons:

5 coupons = 2 Flower Pinwheels
15 coupons = 1 Hinoki Cypress Tree
25 coupons = 1 Resource Pack
40 coupons = 5 Flag Banner Fences
60 coupons = 1 baby Qinghai Yak and 10 Favors


When you have collected enough coupons, click on the “Redeem” button to claim the reward.


These awesome prizes are yours for the taking so start collecting coupons!

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