22 Haziran 2016 Çarşamba

Sew On & Sew Forth! ( Official Guides )

Get donkeys, craft rugs, and receive the Baby Albino Cow!
If you are level 15, the "Sew On & Sew Forth" pop-up will appear. Click on the "Place Haircloth Rug Station" button to start this feature.

Sew On & Sew Forth - FarmVille 2

Collect building materials for your Haircloth Rug Station.


Invite friends to complete the building!


The Haircloth Rug Station needs at least 5 Adult Non-Prized donkeys on your farm. If you don't have enough, this pop-up will appear to let you know how many you're still missing. Click the "See More donkeys!" button to check on all available donkeys from the General Store.


Haircloth is what makes the Haircloth Rug Station run. Collect them from feeding your Adult Non-Prized donkeys!


To make collecting easier, you can also craft Haircloth from your Crafting Workshop.


Farm Bucks can also be used to purchase additional Haircloth or the Rugs. Lastly, you can also receive Haircloth as a reward from the “Rug Life” line of quests.


If you have completed a particular set of Rugs, you will have a chance to receive an additional Bonus item if you collect any more of them!


Note: Extra Rugs collected from a completed set won't go towards your inventory and will not count for the next reward completion.
Complete collecting the sets of rugs to receive a Baby Albino Cow!


Note: You can re-do the feature to get additional Baby Albino Cows.
Let's get our thimbles out and work on those Rugs!

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