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I Do, Part Two! ( Official Guides )

Here's one reason to celebrate: it's Barbara and Walter's second wedding anniversary! A great gift for them is a surprise vow renewal ceremony. Let's train our animals for the ceremony and earn RSVPs. Once all the RVSPs are collected, you will be rewarded with a baby Sorraia Horse!
If you are level 15, "I Do, Part Two!" popup will appear. Click on the "Okay" button to start this feature.

I Do, Part Two - FarmVille 2

To begin building the Nuptial Nook, gather all of the materials needed:


Next step is to invite your Friends to be your Builders or you can hire them:


Once you've finished these steps, the Nuptial Nook will be automatically placed outside your Farm near the Crop Dryer.


Click on the building to view the menu. To train your animals and be rewarded with RSVPs, complete the quests in the Nuptial Nook. You can also get RSVPs by either posting for help from your friends, or purchasing RSVPs.


To view the contents of each quest, simply click on any animal icon then click on either the left or right arrows.


When making a choice on which quest to complete, please take note that each quest gives a different number of RSVPs.


After completing a quest, watch while you and your friends rehearse with your animal for the ceremony.


Then collect and share your rewards!


Know how many RSVPs you've already collected by checking the RSVP counter.


You start earning rewards when you reach certain milestones:
25 RSVPs: Pebbled Heart Pond (x2)
35 RSVPs: Resource Pack
45 RSVPs: Blossomed Love Fence (x5)
65 RSVPs: A baby Sorraia Horse and 10 Favors.
It'll for sure be a delightful celebration for everyone! So, start training your animals and get these amazing rewards!

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