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Get the Amazing Rooster ! ( Official Guides, )

Looking for a way to increase your water capacity? Get the amazing Rooster on your farm for additional water capacity for 28 days!
If you are level 16, the "Get the Amazing Rooster!" popup will appear. Click on the "Buy Now" button to get an early access to this feature. You can also wait until the feature is released to everyone.

Get the amazing Rooster - FarmVille 2

Let's start off by feeding baby chickens and raising them to adult chickens.


The adult chickens will give out awesome rewards! Claim them all to proceed.


You will get a special egg once all the baby chickens have been raised and you've collected the extra rewards from the adults.


Repeat the process and collect 9 special eggs in order to get Rooster egg!


This time, the hen needs to move towards the Rooster egg so that it will hatch. Let's use the tuning fork in order to charm worms so that our hen will move! We can harvest crops and trees, and we can also raise and feed our animals to fill our tuning forks.


Once the hen reaches the Rooster egg, it's time to hatch our Rooster!


In order to raise our baby Rooster, we will need to complete tasks to collect Rooster Grain.


Once you've collected the needed amount of Rooster Grain, your Rooster will be all grown up!


You will see your Rooster doing an awesome job in providing additional water for your farm by checking your water meter or your friend ladder.



He will also perch on top of your Rooster Coop after completing the tasks.


Let's jump on our farms to get the coveted additional water capacity from the Rooster!

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