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Fv 2 No Margarine For Error ! ( Official Guides, )

We've got plenty of dairy animals, so let's churn up the milk we get from them into delicious Flavored Butterthat will surely be a favorite in the county. After you make all the butter that we need, there's an adorable baby Black Pyrenean Goat waiting for you.
If you are level 15, the "No Margarine For Error!" popup will appear. Click on the "Get Started!" button to begin the feature.

No Margarine For Error - FarmVille 2

To start building the Butter Bar, collect all of the materials you need:


Then, ask your friends to be a builder or hire them to complete the building:


This is how the Butter Bar would look like once completed:


To view the Butter Bar menu, click on the building:


Click on the recipe you want to craft to start earning Butter Points:


If you're missing an ingredient, help is always available! Click on "Call My Co-op".


Each recipe has a different timer and gives different Butter Points, so choose wisely which to craft. To view the different recipes simply click on the left or right arrows:


At the onset, there are two available Butter Churns to use. You can build an additional 3 Butter Churns so you can craft more. Click on the Start button to build the Churns.


Next, collect the Building materials you need:


Complete it by asking or hiring your friends:


You start earning rewards when you reach certain milestones:
25 Butter Points - Milk Can Lantern
75 Butter Points - Buttercup Brick Planter
150 Butter Points - Goodie Bag
275 Butter Points - Buttercup Brick Wall
500 Butter Points - Baby Black Pyrenean Goat and 10 Favors


Now, isn't this the perfect treat? You not only have the best Flavored Butter but also these incredible rewards!

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