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Butter Days Ahead! ( Official Guides )

It's time to collect Yak Butter! Get those awesome Yaks to your farm to participate in the Butter Press and win a Baby New Zealand White Rabbit!
If you are level 15, “Butter Days Ahead!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Butter Press!" button to start this feature.

Collect building materials to complete the Butter Press.
NOTE: Few player may come across "Ask" option instead of "Post" to collect "Butter Barrel Planks."


Get help from friends to finish the building!


You will need to have at least 3 Adult Non-Prized Yaks on your farm for the feature to work. If you currently don't have enough Adult Non-Prized Yaks, this pop-up will appear.


You can also purchase the animals by going to your General Store.
Once you have enough Adult Non-Prized Yaks on your farm, you can now start collecting Yak Butter! There are currently 4 ways to obtain Yak Butter. First is from feeding your Adult Non-Prized Yaks. Next is by crafting Yak Butter from your Crafting Kitchen.


Third, you can use your Farm Bucks in order to get Yak Butter and lastly, completing the Butter Days Ahead! line of Quests will also reward you with Yak Butter.
Once you have Yak Butter you can now start making Buttery Goodies! Click on the "Make" button in order to get a random item. You have a chance to receive a Butter Candle, a Rooster Sculpture, or a Fragrant Soap.


Note: The Fragrant Soap is the rarest of the three and will be the hardest to find.
A green check mark will symbolize the completion of a needed item. During the process of making Buttery Goodies, if you find an item that you've already completed, you will have a chance to get Bonus items!


Note: Extra items you find will not go to your inventory to be counted for the next completion of rewards.
Once you complete all the needed Buttery Goodies, you will receive the Baby New Zealand White Rabbit!


Note: You can re-do the feature until the indicated time has elapsed.
Now let's start getting those Yak Butters for more fun!

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