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FarmVille Riverside Lottery! ( Official Guide )

Prizes galore await you in the Riverside Lottery! This newest feature in the game gives you the chance to win huge rewards every week.
Once the "Are You Feeling Lucky?" popup appears, click on the "Let's Play!" button.

FarmVille Riverside Lottery - FarmVille 2

The Riverside Lottery Board, which is a permanent feature, will then be automatically placed outside your Farm near the Foraging area.

FarmVille Riverside Lottery - FarmVille 2

Click on the building to start playing the lottery. On the board, you will see Water Crop Requests.

FarmVille Riverside Lottery - FarmVille 2

To play, complete a Water Crop Request.


Once the request is done, pick a number by clicking on either the left or right arrows.

FarmVille Riverside Lottery - FarmVille 2

When you've selected a number, click on the Confirm button.


The chosen number will be shown in the number slots below.


Complete at least 3 Water Crop Requests to qualify for the lottery. Be sure to complete the requests before the winning numbers are drawn.


After selecting the numbers, you will have to wait for a couple of days for the draw. You will be able to see the days left for the draw in the upper right corner of the board.


You can also check the rewards for each draw.


An announcement that the draw has been made will appear in the game. Simply click on the Riverside Lottery Board to view the results. You can then share the rewards with your friends!


Now, isn't that exciting? Begin completing those requests, pick your numbers, and wait for the draw.
NOTE: The winning number shown here is for illustrative purposes only and the actual number may vary and may be subject to change.

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