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FarmVille 2 Beacon ..Get Free Rewards ! (Official Guides)

Get Started with FarmVille2 Beacon and win exciting rewards!

If you are level 5 or higher, the "Add FV2 Beacon & Win Rewards!" pop-up will appear.


NOTE: If you have already installed “FarmVille 2 Beacon,” but haven’t logged into FarmVille 2 through theBeacon, you will receive this pop-up, with the “FarmVille 2 Beacon” Icon placed on your Facebook Home Page.


Click on the "Let’s Do it" button, and this will take you to the “FarmVille 2 Beacon” extension on Google Chrome Store.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.40.02 PM

Select the “+ ADD TO CHROME” and you will receive a pop-up with a confirmation to Add “FarmVille 2 Beacon.”



Click on the “Add Extension” button (The “FarmVille 2 Beacon” is a Google Chrome Extension which is authorized by FarmVille 2 and Zynga Inc.)



Once you’ve added the “FarmVille 2 Beacon” extension, you will receive a confirmation on the top right hand corner of your Chrome Browser, with the notification “FarmVille 2 Beacon has been added to Chrome.”


Now you have two ways to access “FarmVille 2 Beacon!”

Option 1:
The “FarmVille 2 Beacon” with the Farmville 2 Icon can be accessed on the top right hand corner of your Chrome Browser.


Option 2:
The “FarmVille 2 Beacon” in the form of FarmVille 2 LOGO will be automatically placed below the “Messenger” tab on your Facebook home page.


Get Free Rewards!
For you to get your rewards, login to FarmVille 2 by clicking on the FarmVille 2 Beacon on the on the top right hand corner of your Chrome Browser or by clicking the FarmVille 2 LOGO on your Facebook home page. Upon loading the game from any of these two “FarmVille 2 Beacons,” you will receive rewards ranging from Farm Bucks, Animal, Free Water, Fertilizer, to Fuel, or Power! Please note: You need to Click the “Gift Box” that is placed near the Mail Box in front of your farm, to receive the rewards.


Reward pop-up pattern:

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 5.40.05 PM

Enter FarmVille 2 via “FarmVille 2 Beacon” and get rewarded!

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