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Calendar Workstation! (Official Guides )

You know what’s a great project for this winter? A Winter Calendar! To do this, build a Calendar Workstation and collect tokens. Once you’ve completed the calendar you’ll get a baby Brown Arabian Mini Horse.
If you are level 15 or above, the "Baby, It’s Cold Outside!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Calendar Workstation" button to begin this feature.

Calendar Workstation - FarmVille 2

Start by collecting the materials you need for the building.


Next, ask your friends to help build it or hire builders.


When the Calendar Workstation is finished, it’ll look like this:


Click on the building to view the menu. In the Calendar Workstation, you will complete scraps to win Snow Points. To complete scraps, you’ll need to collect Tokens.


There are three kinds of Tokens to collect and here’s how to get them:
  1. Raise baby animals to get Animal Tokens.
  2. Get Crop Tokens by harvesting crops.
  3. 3. Harvest trees to get Tree Tokens.


You can see the Tokens you’ve collected in the upper left corner of the menu.


When you have collected enough Tokens, you can begin completing scraps to earn Snow Points. In choosing a scrap to complete, take note that each scrap needs a specific number of Tokens and gives out different points.


After the scrap is complete, choose the next scrap to work on. Keep working on your scraps to fill up your Winter Calendar.


There’s a way that you can complete your calendar faster and that’s by using Helper Cards.


With the use of the Helper Cards, you can complete scraps for free.


To get more Helper Cards, ask your friends for Chips. You can also purchase them using Farm Bucks.


To keep track of the Snow Points you’ve earned by checking the points counter in the lower left corner of the menu.


You start earning rewards when you reach specific milestones.


  • Milestone-1 Winter Flower Arch
  • Milestone-2 Resource Pack
  • Milestone-3 Winter Flower Fences (x4)
  • Final Reward- A Baby Brown Arabian Mini Horse 

So, start earning points and complete your Calendar!

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