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FV 2 Time to Get Scrappy!

We have a lot of activities on the farm and a Scrapbook will help keep track of them. Let's complete scraps, collect scrapbook tokens, earn scrap points and win a baby American Painted Horse.
If you are level 15, the "Presenting the Brand New Scrapbook!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place" button to start this feature.


To start building, collect all the materials for the Scrapbook Nook:


Next, invite friends to be your Builders or hire them:


Here's how your finished Scrapbook Nook will look like:


Click on the building to view the feature's menu:


To complete scraps, we need to collect scrapbook tokens. Get three kinds of scrapbook tokens from your farm:
  1. Animal token - when you raise baby animals
  2. Crop token - when you harvest crops
  3. Tree token - when you harvest trees
Here's where you can check how many tokens you have earned:


Use the tokens to complete scraps. Each scrap awards different number of scrap points:


Your will see how many scrap points you've earned here:


You can then choose a new scrap to work on:


To complete scraps faster, we can use Helper Cards. Let us use one now:


Simply click on the "Claim for 4" button:


Then click on the "Use" button:


Lastly, choose the scrap you want to complete for free!


Get more Helper Cards by asking your friends for Chips. When you have collected four Chips, trade them for Helper Cards.


“Keep raising animals, harvesting trees and crops, and you’ll get more tokens to use towards completing your Scrapbook!"
Remember, you will start earning rewards by reaching certain milestones:


60 scrap points = Living Yellow Fence
120 scrap points = Stone and Copper Cottage
460 scrap points = Resource Pack
830 scrap points = baby American Painted Horse and 10 Favors
Aren't these rewards cool? So, let's start our Scrapbook and collect those points!

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