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Farmville 2 Fair Feathered Friends!!!

Enjoy feeding your Adult Ducks to get Crest Feathers to make wonderful feather flowers with different patterns!
If you are level 15, the "Fair Feathered Friends!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Crafting Corner!" button to start this feature.


Collect and complete the needed building materials for the Crafting Corner:


Invite your friends to help complete the building.


This is what the completed Crafting Corner would look like:


Inside the Crafting Corner we get to see that there are three different Feathers that we can collect. The Pink Feather which is the most common among the three, the Blue Feather which is rarer, and lastly the Purple feather which is the rarest and also the hardest to get.


Note: A minimum of 4 Adult Ducks are needed to access the Crafting Corner. If you have less than 4, a pop-up will appear which shows some of the ducks that you can purchase.
In order to make these feathers, you will need to collect Crest Feathers from your Adult Ducks.


Note: Adult Ducks inside the Animal Barn will not produce Crest Feathers.
You also have the option to craft them from the Crafting Workshop.


Once you have some Crest Feathers press "Make" or "Make and Share" to get a random feather.


After collecting some Feathers, you will see an emerging pattern in the board. Collect them all to see what it is and earn the Baby Blue Astrex Rex Rabbit!


Getting duplicate feathers of a completed collection will sometimes yield random bonus items.


Note: Extra feathers will not go to inventory.

Now let's go to our farms, feed our ducks 'til they're full and get that Baby Blue Astrex Rex Rabbit!

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