8 Eylül 2015 Salı

Plant Society Garlic to attract butterflies!

Howdy Farmers! For a change, keep the garlicky smell in the air! Check out these “Plant Society Garlic to attract butterflies!” Limited Edition items in the General Store. Please find the details of this game update below and share with us your favorite by commenting on this post.

New Limited Edition Trees:   
European Wild Pear Tree – 13 Farm Bucks
Heirloom European Wild Pear Tree – 22 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Jamaican Ackee Tree – 22 Farm Bucks
Jamaican Ackee Tree – 13 Farm Bucks
Bullet Wood Tree – 11 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Bullet Wood Tree – 20 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:   
Baby Gray Red Necked Ostrich – 28 Farm Bucks
Baby Gray Egyptian Donkey – 30 Farm Bucks
Baby Gray Asian Hairy Nosed Otter – 28 Farm Bucks
White Manx Sheep – 33 Farm Bucks
Baby White Manx Sheep – 20 Farm Bucks
Gray Asian Hairy Nosed Otter – 41 Farm Bucks
Gray Red Necked Ostrich – 41 Farm Bucks
Gray Egyptian Donkey – 43 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crops:
Society Garlic  – 46 coins, used in Recipes

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:  
Jamaican Ackee Frittata – Jamaican Ackee + Egg, sells for 2,770 Coins
Spicy Poached European Wild Pear – European Wild Pear + Cinnamon Sticks, sells for 2,780 Coins
European Wild Pear Galette – European Wild Pear + Dough, sells for 3,950 Coins
Jamaican Ackee Fritters – Jamaican Ackee + Batter, sells for 3,990 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes:
Society Garlic Butterfly – Feeder Society Garlic + Piece of Glass, sells for 2,770 Coins
Society Garlic Postage Stamp – Society Garlic + Piece of Wood, sells for 3,630 Coins

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