21 Eylül 2015 Pazartesi

Fiery Hungarian Yellow Pepper is here!

Howdy Farmers! Are you ready to take on the heat? Head to the General Store and check out the “Fiery Hungarian Yellow Pepper is here” Limited Edition items. You can find the details of this game update below and share with us your favorite item by commenting on this post.

 New Limited Edition Trees:  

Purple Banana Tree - 13 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Purple Banana Tree - 22 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree - 21 Farm Bucks
Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
Chinese Cucumber Tree - 13 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Chinese Cucumber Tree - 22 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:        

Baby Belgian Blue Mini Cow - 30 Farm Bucks
Baby Gypsy Draft Mini Horse - 30 Farm Bucks
Golden Ossabaw Island Mini Pig - 41 Farm Bucks
Gypsy Draft Mini Horse - 43 Farm Bucks
Kiang Mini Donkey - 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Kiang Mini Donkey - 30 Farm Bucks
Belgian Blue Mini Cow - 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Golden Ossabaw Island Mini Pig - 28 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crops:

Hungarian Yellow Pepper - 42 Coins, used in Recipes

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:

Hungarian Yellow Pepper Dip - Hungarian Yellow Pepper + Cheese, sells for 2,450 Coins
Hungarian Yellow Pepper Frittata - Hungarian Yellow Pepper + Egg, sells for 2,500 Coins
Purple Banana Cinnamon Pops - Purple Banana + Cinnamon Sticks, sells for 2,540 Coins
Purple Banana Blueberry Smoothie - Purple Banana + Blueberry, sells for 2,590 Coins
Chinese Cucumber Kimchi - Chinese Cucumber + Carrot, sells for 3,490 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes:

Blue Chinese Wisteria Card - Blue Chinese Wisteria + Piece of Wood, sells for 3,350 Coins

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