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With Strings Attached !

Want to have fun flying a kite and win a Baby Bog Turtle along the way? Don't worry, here comes the Kite Making Station which would grant both!
If you are level 15, the "With Strings Attached" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Kite Making Station!" button to start this feature.

With Strings Attached - FarmVille 2

Collect the needed building materials to build your Kite Making Station.


Complete the building with the help of your friends!


This would be the main interface of the Kite Making Station:


The goal of the feature is to collect the needed Kite Stamps and to Invite Friends which will help you advance to the next event.
There are four ways to get Kite Stamps. First, is to complete tasks by clicking on the blue button of your desired task or by completing it using Farm Bucks.


Note: Using Farm Bucks will complete a task and not just add 1 to the current total. For example, it will complete the need to feed the 0/8 horses or to harvest 0/25 wheat from the picture above.
You can also post your request to your friends so that they could help. Third, Farm Bucks can be used to purchase Kite Stamps. Lastly, you can earn some from completing the Love at First Kite quests.
When you have enough Kite Stamps and you have invited the needed number of friends, you can now complete the event and move on to the next flying lesson.


After practicing flying your kite, you'll earn awesome rewards!


Once you move on to the next flying lesson, you'll have another set of tasks that you can complete to earn Kite Stamps.


Note: Extra Kite Stamps from the previous flying lessons will carry over to the next one.
You can still select the previous flying lesson by clicking on the tab to the left of your current one. However you won't be able to select the next flying lesson until you're done with the ongoing lesson. Collect the needed Kite Stamps and invite your friends once more in order to proceed.


Do this for all flying lessons and you'll be able to get the Baby Bog Turtle after finishing the Success tab!


Note: You can re-do all the flying lessons in order to get another Baby Bog Turtle or purchase one using Farm Bucks.

Let's get on to our farms and help Percy with his kite flying lessons!

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