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Riverside Crafting Shack! ( Official Guides ) 05/02/2017

Captain Jack is back! He’s excited to be in your farm as he will make famous your farm’s produce down the Appaloosa river. But first, he’ll need some permits in place before he can start working with you. These permits will allow you to go to Painter’s County to sell orders.
If you are level 65 or higher, the “It’s Time to Get Rich, Get Famous!” popup will appear. Click on the “Show Me!” button to learn more.

Riverside Crafting Shack

The “It’s Time to Set Sail!” popup will then appear. Get permits now by clicking on the “Buy Now!” button to visit the Painter’s County! Get an exclusive boat and the chance to win a uniquely colored Riverside Dock!
You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone when you click on the “I’ll Wait!” button.

R2 copy

Once you’ve clicked the “Buy Now!” button, you earned permits and can now visit Painter’s County. To proceed, click on the “Great!” button.


You will then be able to access the Painter’s County where you can find the Deluxe Riverboat, Riverside Market Stall, and Riverside Crafting Shack.


Deluxe Riverboat
The Deluxe Riverboat shows Captain Jack’s River Map. This map will track your progress through the Appaloosa as you sell your products.


As you move through the river, you’ll be able to get great rewards!


To progress through the river, you need to finish weekly goals to earn doubloons.


Doubloons are used to buy great upgrades for you farm. To get an upgrade, click on the Upgrade tool then choose Riverside.


For starters, Captain Jack gifted you with a Level 5 Field which you can place in your farm.


Click on the field then select Upgrade.


Riverside Market Stall
The Riverside Market Stall is where you can complete orders to earn doubloons.


When you click on the stall, you can access Marie’s Rich Order Board and see your orders. Complete orders to earn points. You need at least 3000 Rich Points to get the final reward.


Perform tasks in your farm or craft recipes to complete orders. You get extra points if you connect patterns of 4 or use Bonus Cards.


To see the different patterns you can make, simply click on the Question Mark icon in the menu.


You also can get additional prizes and rich produce when fertilize crops and trees, and super-feed animals.


When you’ve collected 3000 Rich Pints, you’ll get the reward and Doubloons. Check how many Doubloon you have collected here:


Riverside Crafting Shack
The Riverside Crafting Shack is where you can craft the exclusive recipes for your Rich Order Board.


Captain Jack is waiting for you and so are these awesome rewards!

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