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Dolphins Ahoy! Official Guides, 06/01/2017

Have you heard? The county’s abuzz with Dolphin sightings! Isn’t this the coolest news? I bet you’re as excited as everyone to catch sight of these playful creatures. Then head out to the Appaloosa and set your station by the river as this is the best place to spot them.
Want to have more than a glimpse of these Dolphins? Let’s ask the riverfolk to teach us how to use whistles that they use to attract Dolphins.
If you are level 25 or higher, the "Dolphins Ahoy!" popup will appear. Click on the "Let’s Go!" button to learn more about this feature.


Get a head start on the feature and get early access rewards by clicking on the “Start Now!” button. You can also opt to wait when the feature is released to everyone.

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Note: Once you’ve clicked the “Start Now!” button, your rewards are automatically stored in your inventory.
Then click on the “Make a splash!” button to start getting whistles from the Riverfolk.


The Dolphin Station is automatically placed in the river. Click on it to view the menu. You can learn about Dolphins by helping the Riverfolk with their tasks.


After you’ve helped with the tasks, the Riverfolk will give you a whistle.


There is a Task counter to help you know how many tasks you have completed.


For each Riverfolk there 10 tasks to complete. After completing the 10 tasks, you will be given one whistle and bonus rewards!


To help you complete the tasks faster, the Riverfolk you’re helping will give you a special boost.


Want to get an extra whistle? That’s easy! Simply finish the tasks within the given time.


The Whistle counter on the lower left portion of the menu will help you keep track of the whistles you have collected. Every player will get a choice of one Dolphin from four Dolphins’ if he manages to collect at least 14 whistles.


Once you have completed the 10 tasks, click on the “Collect Rewards!” button to receive and share them.


Now, get ready to see and interact with a Dolphin in the river.


After the first lesson, you can now choose the next Riverfolk who would teach you about Dolphins.


Your progress in the Dolphins lessons is shown by a green check mark.


The Dolphins are waiting for you so start collecting whistles and get awesome rewards!

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