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Ra-Ra-Regatta! 03/14/2017 ( Official Guides )

The Appaloosa is one wild river these days and it surely is the best time to hold a Spring Regatta. Join Marie in the race as players sail in boats that reflects their personality. Take part in this adventure and collect Regatta Flags to win baby Maine-Anjou Cow as a reward.
If you are level 15 or higher, the “Ra-Ra-Regatta!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Boat Yard” button to begin this feature.

Ra-Ra-Regatta!  - FarmVille 2

The first step in building your Boat Yard is to collect the materials you need.


The next step is to ask your friends for help or hire builders.


The finished Boat Yard, which is automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area, will look like this:


Click on the building to view the menu. There are four ways to collect Regatta Flags:
  1. Complete tasks in your farm. After you have completed one task, another task will take its place. Take note that each task gives out a different number of Regatta Flags.

2. Post for help so that friends can send you one.


3. Complete quests in the “Fresh Off The Boat” line of quests.


4. Purchase Regatta Flags.


When you have completed a task, you can now join your friends and watch a Regatta Race.


Keep collecting flags and keep track of how many you have by checking the counter on the lower left portion of the menu.


You will start receiving rewards when you reached certain milestones. The yellow bar will show your progress.


When you have reached a milestone, you will have to redeem the reward which you can also share with friends.


Collect all the Regatta Flags and you’ll get the baby Maine-Anjou Cow.


Let the fun races begin and get all these wonderful prizes!

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