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Step Into The Spring! ( Official Guides )

Oh, wow! It’s really cold this winter. Our animals need to be kept warm through the freezing temperature. A great way to do this is to build a Hot Spring in your farm! When all your animals are cozy, you’ll get a baby Ongole Cow as a reward.
If you are level 15 or above, the "Step Into The Spring!" popup will appear. Click on the "Complete Hot Spring!" button to begin this feature.

Step Into The Spring! - FarmVille 2

To build the Hot Spring, collect all the materials needed.


Next, ask friends to help you build it or hire builders.


Your completed Hot Spring, which is automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area, will look like this:


Click on the building to view its menu.


To help keep your animals warm, you need to collect Spa Towels. Do not worry, collecting Spa Towel is easy as pie! Here are four ways to do it:
  1. Complete the tasks in the menu. Take note that each task gives out a different number of Spa Towels. When you finish one task, another task will take its place.

2. Ask your friends for help by posting on your wall.


3. Complete “Adventures with Hugsy” line of quest and get Spa towels as a reward.


4. Purchase Spa Towels using Farmbucks.


Keep track of the number of Spa Towels you have collected by checking the counter on the lower left portion of the menu.


While collecting Spa Towels, you will reach certain milestones that will earn you great rewards which you can share!


Collect the required number of Spa Towels to get the adorable Baby Ongole Cow and 10 Favors!

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