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Gourmet Farm! - FarmVille 2 (Official Guide )

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to craft gourmet delicacies in your private, mountain farm?  Well, now you can!
The Gourmet farm is a new farm up in the mountains where you can grow new crops, make new gourmet recipes and win awesome rewards that make your home farm better!
If you’re at level 35 or more, the "Travel now to your Gourmet farm!" popup will appear. Click on the "Go Now" button to proceed with the feature.

Gourmet Farm! - FarmVille 2

Travelling to the Gourmet farm
After seeing a preview of the Gourmet farm, you will be presented with early access to the feature. If you choose to purchase the early access, you will receive a Fancy Hot Air Balloon, which replaces the regular Hot Air Balloon, and a Gourmet Farm starter pack of 30 Mulch and 20 Insta-craft. You will also experience the wonders of exploring the Gourmet farm ahead of other players.
You can also choose to wait until the general release of the feature.


How do I travel between Farms?
Going to and from your Gourmet farm to your home farm is done via a Hot Air Balloon. You can ride it anytime to switch between Farms!


Specialized Crops
Your Gourmet Farm is the perfect place for you to grow all kinds of grapes and cocoa beans with which you can craft fine wines and chocolate. You can purchase these gourmet seeds from the General Store using coins.


For your crops to grow, you won’t need water as your own private waterfall keeps the soil rich and fertile. What you will need is Mulch, which you earn by harvesting fertilized crops on your home farm. On your Gourmet Farm, you can earn more Mulch from neighbor visits. Hover over the planted seeds to start using Mulch.


You will also be able to raise special animals in your Gourmet Farm. The new animals are Mountain Goats and Yaks which all thrive in the cool mountain air. Once you’ve level 7 on your Gourmet Farm, you can buy these animals in the General Store.


The baby animals are fed with Bottles to raise them. When they are all grown up, they will need Feed, which you can get from your home farm. A Feed Mill will be available in your Gourmet Farm once the land expansion containing the Cheesery has been unlocked.


Feeding your adult animals will produce special milk that is used to craft Gourmet Cheese. Each type of animal will provide a different kind of milk so you can create a variety of cheeses in the Cheesery.
The Bistro
The Bistro plays an important role in the Gourmet Farm. It’s where you serve visitors your handcrafted gourmet food. It also represents your progress on the Gourmet Farm as a whole.


The Bistro is located at the corner of the Gourmet Farm. To access it, simply click on the building.


How does the Bistro work? The Bistro is a great place to earn more Credits and Reputation Points to help you level up. The first step is to craft gourmet food.


Harvested Gourmet Food will automatically serve visitors at the Bistro, who give you Credits in return. Craft enough Gourmet Food and serve certain number of visitors every week until you reach your goal!


You will earn more Credits and Reputation Points as a reward as soon as you complete your goal.


You can also use Silver and Gold Platters to help you meet your goal quickly. You can buy them for Farmbucks in the Bistro and they will help you serve twice and thrice the number of visitors per Gourmet craft for 24 hours.


The Bistro will tier up as you progress. It will grow in size and will give more Reputation Points. It will also unlock new Gourmet crafting buildings and unique types of Boosts that supercharge your home farm.


You can exchange your Credits for Boosts for your home farm. You can see the Boosts on your home Farm as well as your Gourmet Farm, but you will only be able to buy them on your home farm. Click on the dark pink lightning icon on the Tool tray to find the Boosts.


Boosts are like certificates and power-ups for your Home Farm. You will unlock more as you level up. Currently, there are 4 categories of boosts: Crop and Tree Boosts, Increased Capacity Boosts, Animal Boosts, and Miscellaneous Boosts.


This is where you can see the details of the boost and what it can do.


The Bistro Tiers unlock new types of boosts while Reputation Points unlocks more powerful versions of unlocked boost types.


All boosts are valid for a limited time. They are activated as soon as you purchase them.
Note: You can activate only one boost at a time.


Credit is a currency from the Gourmet Farm that you can use to purchase Boosts.


Visitors at your Gourmet Farm will give you Credits in exchange for gourmet crafts. You can also use Insta-craft to craft your goods instantly.


Once the Gourmet Wines and Foods are harvested, it is automatically served to your visitors. The visitors will give you Credits in return. You can use the Credits that you earned to purchase Boosts that will supercharge your Home Farm. (Look for the dark pink lightning icon in the tool tray!)


This is where you can your available Credits.


You will also find the Credits that you earn in the Boost marketplace.


Reputation Points (RP) serves as the Experience Points (XP) for the Gourmet farm. You will be earning Reputation Points for actions done on the Gourmet farm including visitors served. Hovering your mouse on the RP counter will show you how many RP’s are needed to level up.


Earning Reputation Points will increase your Reputation level which will unlock additional seeds, recipes, boosts, and expansions.
The Bistro’s Tier will also upgrade at certain Reputation levels.


Visiting Neighbor Farms
Similar to the home farm, you will also be able to visit the Gourmet Farms of your neighbors. You will be able to do several actions such as feed animals, harvesting crops, and much more. By being such a great helper, you will receive Mulch and Reputation Points as rewards!

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