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Spring Maypole - Guide

Let's bring an old tradition back that most of us grew up with. Dancing around a Maypole! Not to mention the festivities that go with it. Let's host a Maypole Dance on your Farm and get an adorable Baby Red Spotted Shorthorn Mini Cow in return.
If you are level 15, the "Come What Maypole!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place
Building!" button to start this feature.


Collect all the building materials needed:


Then, ask your friends to be your builder or hire them to complete the building:


This is how the Maypole would look like once completed:


You can view the main menu by clicking on the Maypole:


Collect Ribbon Wands to earn awesome rewards. There are three ways to collect Ribbon Wands. First is to craft goods:


Note: Each crafted goods will reward you with a specific number of Ribbon Wands.
If you have enough crafting materials, you can click on "Make 1" to get the crafted goods and the corresponding number of Ribbon Wands.


If you do not have enough materials, you can ask your Co-op for help:


Another way to earn Ribbon Wands is to ask your Friends for it:


Lastly, you can purchase Ribbon Wands by using your Farm Bucks:


Get awesome rewards upon reaching certain milestones. A green check mark will show you your progress:


There are three tabs for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. Each week has a different set of rewards:
Week 1: Earn Water and Plumbago Patches
Week 2: Earn Salt and Maple Lanterns
Week 3: Earn Baby Bottles and Mayflower Walls


Different crafted goods will also be unlocked for each week. Click on the left or right arrowheads to scroll through the other goods that you can craft:


So let's get those Ribbon Wands and dance around the Spring Maypole!

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