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Cat Adoption Race

Howdy Farmers!

The cats are here! Say hello to our feline friends. Beat Marie, Walter, and Gus, so you can pick your Kitten before they do. Complete tasks and earn 750 Kitten Points to pick your Kitten and prove that you will be a great cat owner. You will also get awesome rewards along the way.

Note: Some players may not have access to the Cats feature right away. To ensure that FarmVille 2 remains an enjoyable experience for as many players as possible, we are slowly releasing this feature over the coming months. We are excited to get the Cats feature out to all of you as soon as possible, and we appreciate your continued patience.

We know how excited you are, so let's get started! If you are level 16 or higher, you will see the following pop-up:

The Kitten Adoption Race:

Click on the Cat Crib to open the main menu. This menu shows how many Kitten Points you have collected and what place in the Kitten Adoption Race you are in.

You will need to complete the Kitten Adoption tasks to earn Kitten Points and get great rewards. Each task requires you to do something different on your farm. Your Avatar will move on the Progress Bar, which has three Milestones as you earn Kitten Points. When you reach a Milestone, you will receive a special reward and a green check mark on the Progress Bar will indicate you have completed it.

Note: You don’t use up the goods you have crafted for the Kitten Adoption Race. They’re stored in your inventory which can be sold later on.

The Kitten

Once you have collected 750 Kitten Points, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the “Okay” button to pick your Kitten. You will have the ability to give your Kitten a name once you have chosen it. Click on the “Get Kitten!” button after you have entered its name.

Note: Your new Kitten will require Baby Bottles to become a Cat. After the first Baby Bottle, keep an eye out for your new companion to herd!

Using the Cat:

Fertilize your fields and plots. Your Cat could dig up Speed Grow from Fertilized fields and plots. Every plot and field has a chance of yielding Speed Grow.

Additional Information:

· You are limited to one Cat per farm.
· The Kitten Adoption Race will never expire.
· You will compete in the Kitten Adoption Race only with Marie, Walter, and Gus. You will not compete with your Friends or Neighbors.
· The Cat can be stored in your Inventory. Note: When your Cat is stored in the Inventory, you will not receive the Animal Output Boost.

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